Monday, February 20, 2012

Thierry Henry is getting a 40ft fish tank

A floor plan to help those plotting an Oceans 11-style raid on Henry's house (
Despite living and working an Atlantic Ocean away from England's capital, Thierry Henry is planning to demolish his $9.5m London mansion in order to build... a slightly different mansion. A significant difference will be a 40ft fish tank, which will be visible on every floor of the property. The Daily Mail reports:
Stretching 40ft from the bottom of his house to the very top, it will take 5,500 gallons of water to fill, house 300 fish and cost a staggering £250,000 [$400,000] to build. His proposals detail the extravagant four-storey aquarium.

As well as the vast cost of construction, the 15ft long by 3ft wide tank will set Henry back £12,000 [$19,000] a year to run, including weekly inspections at about £50 [$80] an hour. The annual bill for fish food alone would be £2,500 [$4,000].
That seems like an awful lot of money for fancy fish. If Henry wanted to see something witlessly float around without achieving anything, he should just watch some of Andrei Arshavin's recent highlights.

Unnecessarily large aquariums are all the rage among footballers: David Beckham, Joe Hart and Micah Richards all have them, and according to The Daily Mail, Stephen Ireland is planning "a shark tank under his kitchen floor". Presumably, the plan is to instal a trap door and then invite Steve Staunton over for drinks.

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