Friday, February 17, 2012

Twitter from Emmanuel Eboue

My Boss Wenger, Pls Boss. Listen to the people and bench useless players. Player with no passion & brain. It is time you boss. it is time.

Alex Ox. You are the brightest thing that ever came on the pitch. Good footballer, better than walcott. You run, dribble, shoot. #TheFuture

Thiery, The best we ever had, i respect you legend. You would always remain in our heart. One love VA VA VOOM

Keeper, You still young and growing

Vermalean, You are still a great defender.. Just one bad night . i cannot criticise you.

As for sagna and Gibbs, i cant blame you guys , you only juts got back into the game. Please guys, eat more fufu to stay strong.

Van i respect you . there was just no supply from the blind midfield .. Yes..blind, No vision... cant pick out Van. what a shame.

Arteta, You need to do more. You can spend all the time looking after your hair, pls brother take charge or you might as well do a Cesc

Djorou, whats wrong wiv you brother. You should be better than this. i dont understand. maybe you stoped eating fufu when i left. Man up bro

Rosicky i respect you and you are a good professional, but you need to start shooting and doing more. anybody can pass from A 2 B. plsssss

Alex Song , Am sorry mate, But you have gone down in the performance. maybe you need a rest. you need to be more like Tiote. Help those kids

Ramsey needs to stop thinking he is Cesc. He is trying to hard. Mate, Just stick to what you know. Cant wait for Jack to be back. he is best

If Theo wants to Run, Let him go and run on the TreadMill... He hasnt paid back the investement wenger made in him. Am ashamed. sorry Theo

For me personally Boss should start benching Theo. He needs to start playing Gervihno and Alex Ox.

Arsenal performance yesterday was a digrace. They boys should cover their face with their hands. They should refund all the arsenal Fans

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