Thursday, February 24, 2011

Final Carling Cup : Fabregas tidak dapat diturunkan

Kekecewaan jelas terserlah

Arsene Wenger telah mengesahkan Cesc Fabregas bakal diketepikan untuk Sunday's Carling Cup final disebabkan masalah hamstring.
Fabregas terhincut hincut selepas 14 minutes bermain ketika menentang Stoke tempoh hari dan akan terlepas perlawanan menentang Birmingham di Wembley. 

"It is a very small injury but certainly Cesc will be out for Sunday," Wenger memberitahu Arsenal TV Online.
"For how long [beyond that] I don't know, but definitely for Sunday.
"He is disappointed. We all feel sorry and sad for him. The only way we help him now is to win the Carling Cup as he contributed a lot in this competition." 

Wenger belum boleh mengesahkan peluang Fabregas cergas sepenuhnya untuk second leg Champions League tie menentang Barcelona pada 8 March. 

"It is very difficult to give a deadline," Wenger added. "It is impossible." 

Theo Walcott juga tidak boleh bermain di Carling Cup final setelah diusung keluar menggunakan stretcher dalam match vs Stoke. 

"I saw him this morning," Wenger added. "He has a classic ankle sprain. We don't think there is any more damage to it, but it is still a sprain.
"We are sad for him too. He is out for Sunday and maybe one or two weeks more." 

Tetapi berita baik untuk the Gunners ialah  Robin van Persie, Laurent Koscielny dan Abou Diaby dijangkakan akan bermain pada final ahad ni. 

Wenger menambah: "All the three will be available. That's the good news. And everybody else is all right from the Stoke game too."

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