Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arsenal 0-0 Sunderland :WTF!!

very very dissappointed because of the draw against sunderland. The fact is, Arsenal just need a good striker like van persie but not fragile. Today performance, we can see nasri, arshavin, wilshere, and koscielny play very aggresive form to win. Very nice of them, but the sampah are those like denilson, bendtner and diaby!!just sell them out.Low class performance in EPL.

We cannot blame the player for the draw because the reff were absolutely rubbish!! How can they didnt give a penalty when the last defender clearly push Arshavin from the back. And then, when the ball from bendtner to arshavin which lead to the goal. Those crap Man utd reff, act very quick by blaming arshavin in offside position. The reff assistant, you clearly seem not sure with your decision.Just keep the flag down, and think whether the player is on/off side.He is not offside maaaa......DAMN!!

I will update the highlight as soon as possible.

p/s : i prefer english when i was mad at YOU...

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