Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Massimo Busacca kill Arsenal momentum

Hate this guy

Mail Online By Martin Samuel 

Robin van Persie had already been booked for a foolish moment involving minimal contact with Barcelona’s prime irritant, Daniel Alves, but when he ran through on goal and was flagged for offside in the 55th minute, nobody could have conceived the impact of such a peripheral event. 

Offside was the correct call, but it was close. Thinking he had sprung the trap, the Dutchman took one further stride and slashed at a shot that went forlornly wide.
That should have been the clue. The poor execution was evidence of pressure on a man who was still trying to win the game. That would not have been there if he was just trying to kill a few seconds. 

In his panicked finish, Van Persie gave every impression of not having heard the whistle. He appeared to think the play was live; and at least he warranted benefit of the doubt, considering the ball came off the hoardings and back into the hands of goalkeeper Victor Valdes with barely a moment wasted. 

So here is the key. For those recently landed from space or awakened from a vegetative state, the Nou Camp is a pretty big place. Noisy, too. Lots of singing, lots of Catalans with percussion, it is a huge cacophonous bowl of a stadium in which a lone chap with a whistle might struggle to make his presence felt, aurally.

Van persie try to prove his point

Abidal kuang aja!!!

Nasri pun kene cekik.. Sial la player barca ni

Hanjing ni penyokong Barca

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