Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal : Again fuck off to the paid ref!!!!

From the starting, clearly we can see the reff just act very nice to the Barcelona player. For example, reff and barca player share a bottle of water.WTF!!

Barcelona played just very great tonight, but some of the decision are quite controversial. Early of the second half, Van persie had been sent out for the second yellow card. Why? Because you kick the ball after the reff blow the whistle for the offside? How can u hear the whistle when their supporters at nou camp were shouting very hard. Damn u reff. So, arsenal played just with 10 men for the entire second half. Its hard to accept.
Then, the penalty case again. No idea how to say about that.

The arsenal line up :
rosicky-van persie-nasri

Fabregas like a piece of shit!! Nothing he done. No assist, no determination, no no no!!!!!!
What he done was contribute to the 1st barca goal. You help them assist goal for your dream club!!Well done!

Sadly, our keeper, Sczzesny has been rule out early of the 1st half after he got the injuries at his finger. Got replaced by Almunia. Get well soon no 1 keeper.

Nasri, wilshere, djourou ,koscielny had done their job well. They played with heart not like FABREGAS, diaby and rosicky. Very proud of wilshere.

Arsenal got their 1st goal by the own goal from busquets header resulting from nasri corner kick. Then, arsenal has no chance at all to score because barca keep their ball possession very well. But at the last minute, we got the chance to score the winning goal when wilshere pass a lovely ball to bendtner but he cant finished it. What the heck bendtner??You just kick away the golden chance to bring arsenal to the quarter final.

Barca win 3-1 with aggregate 4-3.

Proud to be a gunners because even though we lose,we lose it to the team with their paid reff!! No teams can win when the opponent team had buy a referee. Always a gunners no matter what happen if lose,draw or win :)

He is the biggest loser tonight

p/s : van persie should kick the ref 'ballz' b4 he goes out.

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  1. thumbs up man at least we all know how be=arselona got to the next stage.